Chakra Mist

Chakra Mist

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Chakra Mists are created using high quality essential oils to help bring the energetic body into balance.

No 1. Base - Supporting grounding and connection to mother earth.
No. 2 Sacral - Awakening your creative energy.
No. 3 Solar Plexus - Enhancing self-confidence and motivation.
No. 4 Heart - Bringing about unconditional love and forgiveness towards self and others.
No. 5 Throat - Supporting authentic communication and expression.
No. 6 Third Eye - Enhancing communication with inner self and expanding intuition.
No. 7 Crown - Supporting and encouraging connection to higher awareness and oneness.


    Chakra Mists are 50mls. Gently shake the bottle before spraying around the body and avoiding the eyes. Take a minute to focus on the breath and feel the magic. All items are reiki infused.


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