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Beautiful experience! Leanne is a beautiful soul and I always feel amazing when I finish a session. 

She is truly talented.

Georgina S.

 Leanne is warm, nurturing and highly skilled and her Reiki sessions are blissful and healing at a deep level. Thank you beautiful lady.

Marisa F.

I've had a few different sessions with Leanne and felt better after each one. From the calm of the room to her genuine care and attention for her client. The way Leanne listens for the meaning between your words, and her skill and knowledge of her craft. The whole experience is a nourishing replenishment for the soul. I highly recommend you visit.

Rina R.

I feel very grateful to have met Leanne.

My friend had gifted me a bundle package of 2 x reiki sessions & 2 x chakra healing sessions!

I went to my first reiki session not knowing anything much about reiki but felt excited about what the experience may offer. All four sessions offered a different experience & I thank Leanne for this wonderful exposure. I quite quickly appreciated & became very interested in reiki & energy healing, so when I was at the end of the last session I felt guided to book in for the reiki training sessions Leanne offers.

These sessions were life-changing for me! I mostly loved that it was offered as an individual session. I highly recommend Leanne to anyone looking for an authentic experience that can offer healing/clarity. Sometimes we are not quite aware of what we need, what is next? Reiki is a positive offering & to have a person like Leanne mediating this energy offering for our highest good has been a great experience for me. Thank you Leanne

Nicole B

Having experienced reiki 1 many years ago, I intuitively felt it was time for me to work more intensively with the healing energy of reiki 2. I naturally felt drawn to Leanne's warm and caring practice. Over a number of months I have enjoyed deepening my understanding of the healing nature of the reiki energy and the chakras through Leanne generously sharing her considerable knowledge and experience. 

Leanne has always welcomed me with genuine care and the opportunity to have an individual attunement suited my circumstances.

Leanne has been very professional and sensitive to my particular needs and I would sincerely recommend her to anyone who is looking to go further with their own healing practice.

Sally G.

After seeing Leanne in person for sessions, but then moving away, I decided to try her Distance Reiki. After two sessions I can honestly say, they are as powerful for me as when I’m there on the table - which truly surprised me!

Leanne has a power and presence that is warm, strong and comforting - she holds a protective space, allowing whatever needs to come through and take place, all the while maintaining a safe and nurturing energy. Her written communication post session is thorough and has been deeply insightful, mirroring my own experience incredibly synchronistically. I trust her deeply. Thank you Leanne

Kerry M

I would like to express my gratitude to Leanne for teaching me the practice of reiki. Leanne's teaching style is gentle and practical, One on one training. Leanne's healing sessions are also gentle, kind and without judgement.

I would highly recommend White Sage Wellbeing for reiki training and treatments. Leanne is a great mentor, friend and savvy business owner. Thank you for your guidance, understanding and skills in teaching personal spiritual development. 

Melanie Smith - Unique Body Therapy

I would like to thank you for all your help with my reiki certificates. You have helped me further my spiritual journey and I will always be grateful for your help and continual support on this journey.

Your kindness, professionalism and relaxed persona made gaining both my reiki 1 and reiki 2 certificates a thoroughly and enjoyable experience.

I highly recommend anyone thinking of obtaining a reiki certifcate to go through Leanne, as her personal touch through each session made such a difference.

Thank you so much!

Hayley England - Ajna Healing Spirit

I highly recommend Leanne and White Sage Wellbeing. I had an energy treatment and it was amazing! For the first time ever different parts of my body started moving involuntarily without even being touched, the energy flow was so powerful and healing.

It was an awesome, therapeutic treatment. Thank you. Brilliant.

Aphrodite Rose

Hi, my name is Michelle and I did my reiki 1 training with Leanne at White Sage Wellbeing last week.

It was a wonderful experience! I appreciated the in-depth information and Leanne's knowledge, the teachings and how it all fits together to work in everyday life.

I felt truly supported and highly recommend White Sage if you are thinking of learning reiki.

Michelle B

My session was wonderful. I felt at ease the moment I walked through the door. I am very happy with my first experience with Leanne, she was fantastic!

Charmaine P.

Leanne is a talented and wonderful healer and guide. Highly recommended.

Heather B.

Today is six days after a guided meditation  and reiki session by Leanne. I presented stressed, with my body tense and quite overwhelmed by my life. Leanne intuitively picked up on my lower chakras being blocked even before I saw her. 

Leanne has cleared my energy and picked up on an issue that I have been battling with all my adult life. Today I still feel clearer and grounded, enabling me to deal with things better/ I am much more relaxed and less stressed with each day getting better. The healing doesn't stop that day but continues for many days. 

Melanie Munday - EmpoweredU

Leanne, I just wanted to thank you for the most amazing experience! I felt the most beautiful energy flowing through me and had a vision of laying in a sunny meadow with you waling around me with you crystal singing bowl and my power animal (cheetah) doing a counter circle in the opposite direction. 

I went to a recent sound healing in person and felt nothing yet we are on opposite sides of the world, this was so good - powerful. Thank you.

Deb Durham, Telford UK

It's always such a pleasure to see Leanne. The new space is so lovely, warm and inviting. The session was amazing and I feel grounded and refreshed.

Manda W.

I just wanted to let you know the reiki sessions I had with you were splendid.

I've listened to and watched a few Reiki healers on Youtube but never experienced it in person before and really wasn't sure what to expect or what to say, but I felt very comfortable and safe in your company and in the calmness of your room.

Lesley M

Leanne has such a gentle, lovely approach which instantly calms you from the moment you arrive.

Kailah K.

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