Blending spirit + nature

Each session is a blend of intuition and age old methods to tap into your innate healing to create balance and calm.

​It is your journey but you don't have to do it alone. I will hold space and walk with you for a while and we can explore your path together.

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Natural Healing

The effects of reiki are beneficial to your physical, mental, emotional and spiritual health. The sense of peace that often accompanies a reiki session provides an optimal environment for deep healing to occur. Reiki energy enhances and supports your own healing ability by working on the past (trauma, grief, stress etc).

1 hour $90.00

30 mins. $45.00

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An Ancient Science

Our chakra system is responsible for filtering, integrating and processing as an interface between our physical and subtle bodies and the energies in our environment.
A chakra alignment will balance the chakras and improve energy flow leaving you feeling relaxed and renewed.
45 mins. $70.00

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Natural Healing

For various reasons, sometimes it's not possible to get to White Sage Wellbeing. It may due to illness or perhaps distance or something else. This is a wonderful way for you to still be able to receive reiki at a time that suits you. During meditation I will connect with you energetically and send reiki. All you have to do is find a space where there will be no (or limited distractions), be as comfortable as possible and trust the process.
30 mins. $45.00

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A series of grief support sessions

3 x 90 minute reiki sessions and 3 x phone support sessions.

Reiki replaces, balances and strengthens the flow of energy within the body which may ease muscle tension, and improve sleep. It enhances a body’s ability to heal itself by activating the natural healing process. These effects are especially valuable to a grieving person. Reiki doesn’t magically take the sadness associated with grief away, but it does make it easier to deal with grief’s ups and downs. Having a sense of calm and balance gives a grieving person the courage and stamina they need to tackle grief.
This series of six sessions supports your emotional, physical and spiritual aspects as you move through grief in a safe, supported space.
Emotional - we work together to support your emotional state by sharing a safe space for expression, healing and mindfulness activities such as heart centering and a simple forgiveness ceremony. 
Physical - we create a safe space for discussion and support for implementation of self-care strategies. 
Spiritual - we will gain clarity around what unique challenges are being experienced in relation to spiritual healing and work together on some things you can do to nurture your spirit during grief.

Single 90 min. session $120.00

Series of sessions $420.00

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Nurturing and soothing

Reiki during pregnancy can be the most beautiful experience, soothing for mum and calming for baby. During early pregnancy it can alleviate nausea and exhaustion and help reduce anxiety that first time mums can sometimes experience.
The blending of energies is unifying for both mother and baby and helps create and strengthen the energetic bond.

45 mins. $70.00

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30 minute meditation + 60 minute reiki

You are taken to another world with a calming and relaxing guided meditation using singing bowls and essential oil sprays. Here you can reconnect with your inner self and journey to your place of healing. Once you have been guided in you will receive the wonderful, gentle, healing energy of reiki while you explore your sanctuary.
90 mins. $115.00